Super Pro 125 Kit

Professional Gas Soldering Kit, High power adjustable 25-130 watts equivalent

Unique patented front end provides extra durability. Ultrasonically Welded gas tanks prevents gas leaking on exposure to  impact , UV light or hot and cold temperatures.
Butane compatible nylons and acetyls  (plastics) carefully tested to ensure  our products are safer  reliable and last longer.
•click to ignite
•Cordless butane powered - no cords or wires 
•Run time 2hrs + continous use
•Ready to melt solder less than 30 seconds from ignition.
•Flameless combustion (solder & hot air modes)
•Adjustable temperature control
•25- 130 (watts equivalent) high power adjustable
Kit includes 4 tips: Hot air and deflector for heat shrink, Hot knife and 2.4mm df and 4.8mm df tips, accessories included are sponge and tray, kit box, stand and instruction leaflet.

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Soldering Kits & Irons: Super Pro 125 Kit

Super pro 125