Portasol SPT-6 SuperPro 2.4mm Double Flat Tip

Double Flat Tip

Technical Details
  • Long Life Nickel and Iron Plated tip with Double Flat soldering surface.
  • Features in built heater (catalyst burner) within the tip.
  • Standard sized tip for a variety of soldering jobs.
  • Tip temperature up to 1,076 degrees fahrenheit - 580 degress celsius.
  • Manufactured in Ireland under ISO 9001:2000.
Soldering Tip 2.4mm DF (3/32") for SuperPro 125 Soldering Iron. Portasol are the makers of the original orange gas soldering iron the 'Technic' in 1984. Portasol products are made in Ireland and we manufacture all our own plastic and metal components in our plant in Co. Carlow. Quality has always been the cornerstone of our technology and what gives Portasol the advantage is the added reliability and durability of our tools.Products are tested for 2 weeks before they leave our factory to ensure the best in quality.

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Soldering Kits & Irons: Portasol SPT-6 SuperPro 2.4mm Double Flat Tip