Plastic Welding Kit

Cordless kit for plastic welding featuring an ultrasonically welded gas tank for better strenght and reliability.

  • Short distance from tip to grip - gets you closer to your work.
  • Click to ignite.
  • Cordless.
  • No special training required.
  • Transfers heat through contact versus hot air.
  • Welding can be carried out next to heat sensitive parts eg cables, foams and textiles.
  • Thin plastic parts and sheets can be welded, No uncontrolled heat transfer which means less wrinkles in parts to be welded.
  • No Oxidation of parts by hot air.
  • Ploblematic plastics that absorb wáter are easier to Weld, eg ABS, PC and PA plastics.
  • Reininforcement grid for extra strength or where a hole needs to be filled.

Contents of Plastic Welding Kit

  • Pro Piezo Soldering Iron
  • Plastic welding tip
  • Brass brush
  • Allen key
  • Cleaning piston
  • Reinforcement grid
  • 5 20cm Polyethylen (PE) welding rods
  • 5 20cm Polystyrol (PS) welding rods
  • 5 20cm Polypropylen (PP) welding rods
  • instruction leaflet

Everything comes as a complete kit in a robust carry and transport case


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Plastic Welding: Plastic Welding Kit

Plastic welding

Plastic welding