Electroplating Services

Electroplating Services  

Oglesby & Butler LTD also offer a range of electroplating services including nickel plating and iron plating in our state-of-the-art facility In Carlow, Ireland.

Electroplating, at its core, is a surface treatment process where a metal coating is deposited onto a conductive surface through the application of an electric current. Electroplating is used for several reasons such as to improve corrosion and abrasion resistance, reflectivity, electrical conductivity, lubricity and appearance. We have vast electroplating experience and knowledge as we have been utilising these processes for our own manufacturing purposes for forty years. We can plate objects ranging in size from x mm to xft. With state-of-the-art facilities and a team of skilled professionals, we ensure precision and consistency in every plating job. 


Nickel Plating

Nickel electroplating is a technique of adding a thin layer of nickel onto a metal object. The nickel layer can be decorative, improving the appearance of the part compared to it's original finish. It also provides corrosion resistance, wear resistance, improved tensile strength and conductivity or used to build up worn or undersized parts for salvage purposes. Whether you're in automotive, aerospace, electronics, or any industry requiring superior surface treatment, we're here to elevate your products to new heights of durability, aesthetics, and functionality.


Iron Plating 

Iron plating is generally considered to be one of the more affordable metal plating options compared to precious metals like gold or silver, or even some industrial metals like nickel or chrome. Iron plating finds use in a wide range of applications, from automotive components to architectural fixtures. Its versatility and widespread applicability contribute to economies of scale, helping to keep costs down. Iron plating is often used as a base layer for subsequent plating processes, such as nickel or chrome plating. As a base layer, iron provides adhesion and conductivity at a lower cost compared to other metals.


If you are interested in electroplating, either nickel and iron plating get in contact with us today for more information and a quote.

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