Repairs and Replacements Instructional Videos

How to Replace a Jet & Front-End Burner on a SuperPro Soldering Iron

How to Replace a Jet on a GT220 and HP820 Torch


How to Replace a Jet & Ceramic on a Portasol Dehorner 3

Are you having trouble with your Dehorner or need to service it? The following link will bring you to a comprehensive step by step guide! 

How to Solder Copper Pipe with a Portasol HP820 Butane torch

How To Refill The Portasol HP820 and GT 220 Butane Torches

How To Refill The Portasol ProPiezo 75

Portasol Tools in Action

The SuperPro 125 Soldering L.E.D Light Strips

Video Credit Matic Electrical

The Portasol Dehorner 3 Disbudding Calves

Video Credit Louise Crowley

Rodent-Damaged Wiring Repair Using Portasol SuperPro 125 Soldering Iron

Video Credit TheCarFixer

Wood-Burning Art Using a Portasol Pz50

Wood Burning Kit

Video Credit jannie Lisonbee of Red Roof Barn 

SuperPro 125 Soldering Iron Review 

Video Credit Shop Tool Reviews

Plastic Welding and Repair Using Portasol PP75

Video Credit Portasol

How to Plastic Weld Automotive Plastic Using The Portasol Plastic Welding Kit 

Video Credit Lifted_Wrangler

Soldering Custom L.E.D Tail Lights with the SuperPr0 125 Soldering Iron

Video Credit NTXGlow

How to Solder and Heat Shrink a Wired Connection

Video Credit TheCarFixer

The Ultimate Repair Product : The Portasol Patch

Old Flint Ignition Versus Piezoelectric One-Click System

Video Credit 

Air Intake Box Repair with the Portasol-Patch

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