Pz50 Plastic Welding Kit

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The Pz50 plastic welding kit is a cordless butane gas powered repair tool. The Pz50 is a portable, compact and easy to use kit and  suits a wide variety of projects. All components fit into a handy case. The Pz50 plastic welding kit is perfect for mechanics / DIYers to carry out plastic repairs to broken bumper tabs, headlights brackets and small dent repairs and to complement other plastic welding repair methods and tools. Such as, smoothing a raised weld, performing small intricate repairs where larger tools are not suitable to carry out the repair and for mobile technicians to preform plastic welding repairs to cracked bumpers, Brackets and tabs off site or on location.  The Pz50 plastic welding kit is also a popular kit for hobbyists in the modelling and slot car industries and also for repair of sports equipment such as canoes, kayaks and skis and many other plastic repairs from around the house to the home and garden.

The plastic welding Kit includes: 

• Pz50 fitted with a Stainless-Steel

• Hot air tip

• plastic welding tip

• 5 x Universal repair rods

• 5 x ABS Black repair rods (ABS)

• 5 x Polypropylene repair rods (PP)

• 5 x Polyethylene repair rods (PE)

• 5 x Polystyrene repair rods (PS)

• reinforcement grid,

• instructions

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