Butane Soldering Irons, Torches, Plastic Welding Kits and Dehorners : Why Portasol Are a Great Option for Butane Tool Manufacture

Why You Should Choose Portasol, a Market Leading Soldering Iron and Gas Product Manufacturer :

Portasol has long been recognized as the world leader in our industry, being a producer of a wide range of gas and battery powered soldering equipment including soldering irons and kits, plastic welding kits, gas torches, micro torches and agri-tools such as dehorners and pig-tail irons. We also manufture our own catalyst and soldering iron tips. Portasol tools are popular in a variety of fields and industries, including electronics, automotive, agriculture, cooking, and D.I.Y. 


  • Made in Ireland Allowing for Unrivalled Quality 

From 1984 to today, Portasol has come a long way. However, we are still based in Carlow, Ireland where it all began. From our manufacturing facility in Ireland, we manufacture 98% of our products and components in-house. We have maintained our manufacturing in Ireland so we can ensure the highest quality possible over our product range.
We oversee the entire process from design to component production, product assembly, testing and packing, and everything in between. Choosing not to outsource for the majority of our parts means full control over the quality of our parts and therefore the quality of our products.

  • We only use high-grade DuPont plastics that have been tested for their compatibility with butane for product safety and durability.
  • The high-grade German metals we use provide greater product tolerance and superior performance.
  • We ultrasonically weld the gas tanks used in our tools for the absolute best in product safety. This process also extends the life of the tool by preventing gas from leaking from the tanks on exposure to UV light and hot/cold temperatures.
  • ​Our manufacturing process is 2 weeks from start to finish for Soldering Irons and Torches. All tools are leak-tested, gas-filled, pre-set, re-set & final set, ensuring that our products leave here in perfect working order with reliable ignition, a safe stable flame and adjustable temperature control.
  • Our tips are long-life, they are iron and nickel-plated and pre-tinned.
  • We are committed to sourcing components and materials from companies that share our values around human rights, ethics and environmental responsibility. We expect all of our suppliers to abide by the requirements of our Supplier Code of Conduct, which prohibits human rights abuses and unethical practices. 


  • Wide Range of Cordless Products for Every Customer Profile 

Our range of tools, specifically our soldering irons  are produced with multi-functional,  multi-directional tools with additional features such as flameless hot blow, built-in blowtorch and hot knife. The tools can be used across a broad spectrum of industries for a wide variety of tasks.

Our leading wholesale products include the SuperPro 125 and the ProPiezo 75 soldering irons and kits,  and we also have the gas powered HP820 and GT220 blow-torches, and the ever-popular Plastic Welding Kit and Dehorner 3. We have also developed a lower-cost product range, the Pz50, that is focused towards DIY enthusiasts and Hobbyists. The Pz50 range has a soldering iron, plastic welding kit and a wood-burning kit.

The Portasol product range is always readily available for resale and distribution.


  •  Private Label and Co-Branding Options Available 

Many companies purchase private label tools from us due to our history and experience as a forerunner in the manufacture of quality butane powered tools. We offer a private label option for customers that do not have the capacity to manufacture, but want their own brand of tools and products. In terms of customization, we provide a wide range of options to private label customers across a wide range of our products. We can produce tools with logos and branding, in a variety of colours, packaging styles, and features based on the needs of the company. We have perfected our range of tools, and now we are giving other companies the option to own their own range of branded tools, with the confidence that a company leading the gas catalytic heat tool industry since 1984, is manufacturing your tools. 

We also offer a co-branding option, where we can produce tools that have both the Portasol brand and the brand of the desired company. This option gives the best of both worlds, combining your brand and the Portasol brand which is well known for excellence in portable gas technology.

Some examples of private label and co-branded products we produce include those shown below. 


  • Product Development and Own-Brand Tool Manufacture 

Having such a strong reputation within the heat tools and butane catalytic technology industries, many companies come to Portasol to design, develop and produce private label butane tools for them from the ground up. Our research and development department has designed tools for some of the world's largest companies such as Kerbl, as seen below. 

Similar to the private label option, the own-brand option is ideal for businesses and companies that do not have the capacity to manufacture butane-powered heat tools, but still want to incorporate portable, butane tools into their product lines, as their own tools. This option allows companies to go one step further as the product will be designed to incorporate seamlessly into their existing tool range, having been designed by our team of experts working closely with the company to follow the design ethos and brand guidelines to design the perfect tool.

The options and opportunities are limitless with Portasol.


  • Continuous Growth and Professional Developement 

What sets us apart from many of our competitors is our continuous drive for perfection and high standards.

Being an ISO 9001 registered company since January 1994, we are acutely aware of the need to operate to a high professional standard in all aspects of our business. We are currently in the process of acquiring ISO 13485 for medical device production and we strive to continuously grow and improve as a company in many areas. With a state of the art Tool Room including Star and Deco CNC machines, a Plating Plant, Catalyst Lab and Moulding Shop 99% of Portasol products are designed and manufactured by a team of dedicated and valued employees at our manufacturing plant in Carlow, Ireland.


  • Consistent Innovation 

Our tools are designed with the end users in mind and have an unrivalled range of features from one-click ignition to adjustable temperatures and much more. We have continued to improve our tools over the years adding customer focused features including instant ignition, a range of tips for different tasks, temperature adjustment, butane window, built in stand and many more useful features. We are constantly searching for the next and best innovations to incorporate into our products.


  • Customer Service and Warranty

We offer unrivalled product quality and we stand over our tools, manufacturing 98% of our components in house in Ireland and offering a generous warranty policy.



Does all of this mean Portasol are the right choice for the production of the best soldering irons, torches and butane products? we certainly think so but you will need to decide for yourself!