The Many Uses of Butane Torches : Exploring the Portasol GT220 and HP820

When it comes to precision heat tools, the Portasol GT220 and HP820 butane torches are among the top choices for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. These portable torches pack a punch in a compact design, making them versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at these two impressive tools and explore the many ways in which they can be used.

The Portasol GT220 Butane Torch

The Portasol GT220 is the smaller of the two torches, and sometimes bigger is not always better! The GT220 is a reliable and user-friendly butane torch known for its precision and ease of use. It's a favourite among automotive specialists, mechanics, jewellery makers, electronics enthusiasts, and hobbyists due to its exceptional control and consistent, adjustable flame.

Key Features:

Adjustable Flame: The GT220 allows you to control the flame size and intensity, making it suitable for both delicate tasks and more robust applications.

Quick Start: With its Piezo ignition system, you can start working immediately without the need for additional tools.

Rapid Refill Time: When the butane does run out, refilling only takes 10 seconds! Ensuring you can complete your projects without interruptions.

Ergonomic Design: The GT220 is designed with comfort in mind, featuring a lightweight and ergonomic handle for prolonged use and a stand that holds the torch upright if you need two hands elsewhere.

The Portasol HP820 Butane Torch

The Portasol HP820 is the big brother of the Portasol torch range. An excellent butane torch that offers versatility and precision. It's designed to handle various tasks, from soldering to culinary applications, and everything in between.

Key Features:

Multi-Functionality: The HP820 has the power for both big and small tasks. You get the best of both worlds with the HP820, turn the flame down for more delicate tasks, and turn it up for tasks that require more power.

Safety Lock: The torch features a two-handed ignition sequence to prevent accidental ignition, making it a safe choice for all users.

Rapid Refill Time: When the butane does run out, refilling only takes 10 seconds! Ensuring you can complete your projects without interruptions.


Handheld butane torches have a wide range of uses, both in professional and DIY settings. Here are some common applications:


  1. Soldering: Butane torches are often used for soldering electronic components, jewelry, plumbing fixtures, and other small metal items. They provide precise and controlled heat for creating strong bonds.
  2. Jewellery Making: Jewellery artists use butane torches to melt and flow solder, anneal metal, and create intricate designs in metals like silver and gold.
  3. Culinary Purposes: Butane torches are popular in the kitchen for tasks like caramelizing sugar on desserts, browning meringues, searing meats, and even melting cheese on dishes like casseroles.
  4. Crafts and Art Projects: Artists and craft enthusiasts use butane torches to create unique effects on wood, paper, and other materials. This includes adding color to woodwork or distressing paper for an aged appearance.
  5. Automotive Repairs: Butane torches can be used for automotive repairs, such as heat-shrinking tubing, loosening rusted nuts and bolts, and repairing plastic components.
  6. Welding: While not suitable for heavy-duty welding, small butane torches can be used for light brazing and welding tasks on thin metals.
  7. Plumbing: Plumbers use butane torches to solder copper pipes and fittings in plumbing systems, ensuring leak-free connections.
  8. Heat Shrinking: Butane torches can be used for heat shrinking heat-shrink tubing in electrical and cable management projects.
  9. DIY Repairs: Small butane torches are handy for various DIY repairs, such as fixing plastic items, sealing rope ends, or softening adhesives for removal.
  10. Dental Work: Dentists and dental technicians use butane torches for tasks like wax modeling, soldering dental appliances, and adjusting dental prosthetics.
  11. Laboratory Work: In laboratories, butane torches are used for tasks like sterilizing instruments, heating solutions, and conducting experiments.
  12. Hobbyist and Model Building: Model builders and hobbyists may use butane torches to shape and mold plastic components, or to create weathering effects on models.
  13. Outdoor Activities: Some outdoor enthusiasts carry small butane torches for tasks such as starting campfires, melting ice, or repairing gear.
  14. Sculpture and Metalwork: Artists and metalworkers use butane torches to anneal and shape metal for sculpture and decorative pieces.
  15. Horticulture: Gardeners and horticulturists use butane torches for weed control, as the intense heat can kill weeds without the need for chemicals.
  16. Soldering Electronics: Hobbyists and technicians use butane torches for soldering small electronic components and repairing circuit boards.
  17. DIY Jewelry Repairs: For minor jewelry repairs, such as resizing rings or fixing broken clasps, a small butane torch can be a useful tool.
  18. Sealing Rope Ends: Boaters and outdoor enthusiasts may use butane torches to seal the ends of synthetic ropes to prevent fraying.

The uses of the Portasol torches vary hugely and ultimately shows the versatility of the products. 


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