The Portasol-Patch: The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Repair Product

The Portasol-Patch is an Instant, Multi-Purpose Repair Patch that is easy to use, self-adhesive and a long-lasting solution for a wide variety of automotive, home, D.I.Y, structural, sport, agricultural and general repairs.The Portasol-Patch is an extremely durable fibreglass reinforced polyester that can be sanded, grinded, drilled, tapped, and painted. It is waterproof, weather-proof, rot, rust, fire and impact-proof, while also being chemical and temperature resistant from -40°C to 200°C.

The Portasol-Patch is a unique product that comes out of the package pliable, but after just 10 minutes of sunlight or UV light exposure becomes as hard as steel. The non-toxic patch will work on almost any hard surface including metals, fibre-glass, plastics and many more. The patch will not shrink or expand during application or when cured.

Below are some industries and examples of repairs that the

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