1. How Do Butane Soldering Irons Work?

    Portasol Soldering Iron

    How Do Butane Soldering Irons Work?

    Butane soldering irons use a butane gas fuel source to generate heat for soldering. Here is how they work:

    The butane gas is stored in a refillable tank within the soldering iron. Butane is a hydrocarbon gas that is commonly used in portable heating devices because it is easy to store, transport, and ignite.

    The ignition system on a Portasol butane soldering iron involves a piezoelectric system, which generates an electric spark

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  2. How to Solder : A Beginners Guide to Soldering

    Portasol Soldering Iron

    Soldering is a process of joining two metal surfaces together using a low-melting-point metal alloy called solder. It's a fundamental skill used in various areas including electronics, plumbing, and jewelry making. Here's a soldering how to / beginner's guide to soldering:

    What you need to solder:

    • Soldering iron
    • Solder
    • Flux
    • Cleaning sponge
    • Helping hands or a third hand tool (optional)
    • Wire cutters/strippers
    • Adequate
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